The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our estimates are guaranteed for 60 days. However, we will have to check if our costs have not changed within 60 days to see if we can meet the quoted price. Since we have all the measurements and details of your house if you want to book us beyond 60 days of receiving our quote.
In Vancouver, it is ideal to paint your house between 6 to 10 years. Most customers tend to repaint their homes when there is visible peeling. Wooden houses might require more frequent painting than the newer stucco ones.
In Vancouver, the exterior painting of a home could generally cost you something between $4,000 to $8,000 depending on the size and requirements of your house. For example, larger and older homes may need more preparation because of their more elaborate architecture than the more modern straight stucco homes with vinyl windows. If you are planning on painting your house, you can schedule a meeting with us to discuss the details such as preparation, colours and extent of your dream house. You can contact Triton Painting at your own convenience to go through the prices to suit your budget as well.
Our project minimum is $600 which includes the preparation process, the first coating, the first dry time, the second coating and the second dry time. Additionally, this is the cost to get someone out and amounts to 2 days worth of painting services. It may also include smaller services. A couple of repeat visits as well as the finishing touches on the project
We do provide free estimates, which you can obtain if you meet with us to discuss your project, your budget and want to fix a price for our services. If you want to paint your house within this year, we are more than willing to brief you with the key factors of your painting project and help you draw out the perfect plan for a smooth process. Triton Painting will give you a detailed guide and recommendations for your project.
We have several teams that will work on different houses. A medium-sized house will take approximately a week or two to be completed. The crews at Triton Painting will work on all days with good weather and won’t leave the project until it is completed.
It can vary according to your project. If it is only for interiors, it can range between $2 to $6 per square foot of floor space. The area being painted including ceilings and walls can impact the pricing as well. The complexity of access, the preparation requirements and the number of coats and colour changes will also influence this. Most importantly, items that take time to paint such as closets and trimmings will add to the cost. We recommend you schedule a meeting with us so that we can help you prepare a plan that can meet your budget.
This rarely happens at Triton Painting. The only reasons for a price change could be if the customer adds further requirements to the decided project, if the customer picks a colour that has to be coated more times than previously specified, or if there is an unforeseen circumstance that affects the quote after it has been decided.
Each room within your house will require between half a gallon to 2 gallons, depending on their size. Ceiling and trims may usually not require as much paint as walls. However, if you plan to paint the whole room, including walls, ceiling and trims, then it might take around 3 gallons. The cost can be minimized if you are using the same colour for every room because the extra paint can be shared among them. For exterior painting, you will need between 5 to 25 gallons, also depending on the coverage. While 5 gallons would be enough for the trims of a smaller house, you will need around 25 gallons for a larger coverage in a medium-sized house.
At Triton Painting, we schedule paintings to suit your convenience. However, for exterior painting, we offer seasonal services according to the Vancouver weather. We are available every day of the weekend and we make sure to use fast-drying paint during shoulder season.
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